Today we are going to be learning about TIG Welding Tools! TIG is a little complicated to learn but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to learn it with enough practice and patience. TIG requires using both hands so I guess, that’s the part that makes it difficult. Unlike the other welding processes where you can do it with only one hand, here you need to be able to control both of your hands as you hold the torch and the filling metal at the same time.

TIG requires the use of both hands. This is what makes the process a little complicated.


To begin TIG Welding, you need to understand that TIG is a slight radioactive process, which means that you have to make sure that you are equipped with the right tools or equipment for it. Make sure that your Personal Protective Equipment are complete before you begin. Make sure that you are protected from head to toe. Check if your helmet is working as it should be. Also, make sure that your welding area is prepared. TIG requires a flat area made from metal so that you can ground the electricity used for TIG. If you have extra money, you can invest in a welding table but if you don’t want to, I think any flat metal surface will do.

In TIG, you will make use of three important things and these are heat from electricity, shielding gas from compressed air, and the filler metal. These three are essential. You cannot do a TIG welding process without any of them. But aside from these three, you would also be using TIG Power Supplies. An expert says that Stick Welding power supply will be okay to use for TIG, however you will need to add a basic TIG Welding torch. This machinery will help keep the amperage consistent and the heat settings regulated. Note that the voltage of the power supplies will vary or change depending on the length of your arc. Adjust accordingly.


When it comes to TIG torches, there are two types you can choose from. The first torch is the air cooled torch. Most consider this as the less expensive and practical choice. However, this one has the tendency to heat up too much and waste the heat. The second one is the water cooled torch. It’s expensive but this tool is very efficient. You will need to take good care of it and maintain it though, like a car radiator. Keep a water cooler nearby.


So those are some of your TIG Welding Tools! Make sure each and every one of them are working properly and have no defects. Double check your settings if you find something that is happening when it shouldn’t be. Hopefully, our article for today has helped you even just a little bit. You can share this post to your friends and family if you think they can learn from it as well. Did you know that you can also subscribe to us? Subscribing to us is a great way to never miss a post and you’ll always be the first one to know or read! We will be sending you alerts or notifications in your e-mail address every time we post something new. We don’t spam! No worries! If you have further additional questions or you just want to discuss the topic, you can send a message to us or better yet, leave a comment below so that we and other readers will be able to answer your question or discuss it further. The more the merrier, right? Thanks for reading! Hope to see you here again next time! Have a nice day!

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