Tillman Welding Jackets

Looking for some information about the well-known Tillman Welding Jackets? You have come to the right place. Today, we are going to be talking about two jackets that Tillman sells. The full name of the Tillman company is John Tillman Co.  This company began in 1928, where it was then formed to provide personal protection solutions for welders and other industrial workers. Fortunately for them, the Tillman company quickly became a top manufacturer for high quality welding gloves and other leather protective garments, like jackets. Today, the company sells over 1,000 different products.

Check out these two best selling jackets from Tillman.

  • TILLMAN 9062 “WELD or DIE” FR ONYX WELDING JACKET – XLThis jacket is being sold for 31.98 US DOLLARS, and it comes with free shipping if you order from Amazon! If you purchase now, the estimated delivery date is on January 5-8. That is when you choose the Standard at checkout.

    It is “WELD or DIE” because there’s a graphic in the jacket that says that. With this jacket, you can passionately show your love for your craft, which is welding.  You can find this graphic at the back. On the front is the onyx logo. This jacket has been made from 100 percent cotton flame retardant fabric. This provide the user great unbeatable protection against the risks of welding such as fire.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep the jacket clean to insure protection.

    If you also notice from the picture, there is an outside front pocket for storage of small items such as pens. It’s also easier to access if you need it.

    Lastly, you will feel cool and comfortable while using this washable jacket.

  • TILLMAN 3830XL Premium heavyweight 30″ Jacket Cowhide Split Leather – XL
    This jacket is being sold for 71.26 US DOLLARS. Unlike the first jacket, this one doesn’t come with a free shipping. Instead, you will have to shell out an additional 11.50 US DOLLARS for the shipping fee. The estimated delivery date is also at January 5 to 8 if you choose the standard Checkout at Amazon.

    The jacket is a premium side split dark brown cowhide jacket. It is 30 inches in length. Looking closely at the photo, you will notice that there is a one soapstone pocket on teach sleeve, and that there is an outside pocket for small item storage.

    To help you move easily, the jacket has been equipped with raglan sleeve and satin lining.




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