Warm Winter Welding Jacket

Since it is getting cold outside you may want a warm winter welding jacket to keep you warm! Here on Welding Steel Tips And Tricks you are going to get to know why you need one and where you can get it from online! I know that you can catch a cold and that is something that you do not need right now. You still have to work in order to make your money.

 welding in the cold

So do not hesitate to keep yourself warm and healthy during the fall and winter seasons. I usually wear long sleeves year round even in the summer time! I am so used to it that I can do that. Most people would be like they can not do that and it is funny that I can do that. I do not even sweat that much while wearing them unless it is really hot outside.

When it gets cold outside I put on a coat. Then I thought about wearing a welding coat, but it was not that stylish at all. I have several welding jackets since I started welding. My first was a cowhide jacket. It was so thick, but it was worth wearing throughout the day. It did not let a single spark through! Not bad at all to wear through the cold months.

 welding cowhide

However we want something a little less thick with the same protection. Something that can be used in the coldest climate and still have the protection against the cold. Also some thing is comfortable to wear. If it has all of that then it will sure be great to have. If anything extra it would be the best welding jacket ever! Do not forget about the protection against the sparks that be flying during welding.

Over all you just want something warm and protective with a little style! Time to go out with the old and bring in the new! There is one welding coat that I just heard about and you can try it for yourself. It is the:

Well how does the image above looks to you? You can click on it and it will take you to the Amazon store where you can put in an order it you would like to purchase it. You do not have to worry about it losing it flame retardant fibers through washing or through wearing it daily. There is no deal greater than this! More to come on welding tips and tricks!

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