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The cold winter months are here and it’s time to go and buy some welding jackets to keep you warm and toasty as you do your work. We understand that it’s a bit hard to continue working when you are freezing. That is exactly the reason why you need to invest in some good quality welding jackets. If you don’t have time to shop, there’s always the internet! You can get it delivered right at your doorstep! You don’t have to leave the comforts of your home. We made it even easier for you by gathering some of the best welding jackets out there and reviewing them. Through this, we aspire to be able to give you a hand in choosing. Here’s a couple of welding jackets that you should look at:

welding jackets



This jacket is being sold for 28.70 US DOLLARS at Amazon. The original price was at 32.90 US DOLLARS! This 9 oz flame resistant cotton is exactly the perfect pair for you during the cold winter months. If you notice, the collar is up. That is to be able to protect you from sparks. Not only that, you have dual pockets and adjustable cuff and waist straps.



This jacket is almost the same as the one above. It is also a 9 oz flame resistant cotton welding jacket. The special thing about this jacket is that the fabric is pre-shrunk to be able to eliminate sleeve length shrinkage for optimal fit. Just like the one above, there’s also an extra neck protection. There is also an accessible inside pocket, and five button snaps that provide an added protection.

This product is being sold for 21.88 US DOLLARS. The original price of this was at 24.50 US DOLLARS. You will only save 2.62 US DOLLARS but that’s okay I guess since it isn’t that expensive in the first place.



This jacket is being sold for 31.89 US DOLLARS. The original price was 33.0 US DOLLARS. This jacket is made with the purpose of protecting the arms and torso of the wearer from welding heat and even spatter. It is made of cotton so you can be sure that it’s breathable. And did I mention that this cotton is fire resistant? There is also an inside pocket for storing little things.



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