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Today we are going to be talking about more welding tricks that you should know about! The purpose of this article is to help you gain an upper hand compared to your peers or competition. Reading this doesn’t mean that you aren’t already doing great as a welder, but that you can use a few tricks up your sleeve. Who doesn’t? Now, we are do not have a PhD in welding, but we like learning and sharing these new learning to others. Here are some welding tricks that you should know about:


Underwater Welding



Of course, in welding we are using different types of metal. If you are using an aluminum material in TIG welding, you will need to use only pure Argon gas as a shielding gas, or else you will find yourself frustrated. It’s also okay to mix half of Argon and then half of it will be Helium. It’s very useful. The expected result would be you having a thicker aluminum weld.


There are many factors that can contribute to what would normal be referred to as a “bad weld”, and it doesn’t really mean that you are bad at the craft, but it could just mean that you aren’t paying much attention to these other factors. For example, you could be producing bad weld because of having too much stick-out. When we say “stick-out”, we are referring to the distance of the contact tip from the arc. You should check your MIG or TIG gun once in a while. If you can see that the contact tip is recessing, then that’s the culprit for your bad welds. Be sure to adjust the nozzle so that it will flush with the tip. However, if the nozzle is hard to adjust, then you will hill have to have it fixed or replaced. You will only weld better if there’s only about half an inch stick-out.


Bad weld can also be caused by working on a bad ground. Are you familiar with ground clamps? You get a good quality ground clamps. Save for it if you have to do so. You see, when you are welding the wire feeder doesn’t care if you have poor ground. It will keep on going, and this could result to you having a bad start. It may be quite hard to recover at this point. If you can’t get a better ground clamp yet, you should go and find a piece of copper and improvise. You can slip this under one of the jaws. Keep in mind that pain or mill scale doesn’t allow a good ground.


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