What Kind Of Boots Are Best For Welding

Today we are going to be answering your question about what kind of boots are best for welding? Most welders – and even non welders – are aware that there will be safety and health risks involved if the personal protective equipment (PPE) you purchase is made from low quality materials. The PPE usually consist of a wedling helmet (whether it is manual or automatic), protective sleeves (optional), welding jacket, welding gloves, welding pants, and finally the welding boots. A lot of people spend time and attention on the welding helmet and jacket but that’s not a reason to neglect the process of choosing a welding boot. Even if your feet is the farthest away from the arc, it is still faced with a lot of potential dangers such as injury from stepping on something sharp, slipping, and having something heavy fall right on top of it. The metatarsals that can be found in the feet are delicate and should be well protected.


So to answer your question, the boot that you should be looking for is a boot made from good quality, one that is comfortable, and one that has the ability to keep your feet safe from harm. Buying cheap boots is a choice, but have you heard of the saying “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice”? What does this mean? It means that a cheap product has a high chance of being made from also cheap material and low standard (not saying this is true about all products), and it will probably cost you more since you will need to buy again. I’m not saying that you need to buy expensive products that you can’t afford. No, what I’m trying to say is that you need to be wary and attentive to what you are purchasing. There are affordable products that have been made from good quality materials.


Let’s take this boot as an example. I found this boot at Amazon, which is a staple go-to online shop for a lot of Americans. Their products are great and there’s a really wide selection available for buyers. You can even zoom on the objects so you can get a close look even if it’s just behind a monitor screen.


Here is a product from Ever Boots called “Tank”. You can purchase this boot for only 42.95 US DOLLARS. It is much lesser than 100 US DOLLAR priced boots, and yet it isn’t what you’d consider to be cheaply made at the same time. It is available in two colors which are dark brown (the one in the photo) and tan. Take a look at the picture below:



The boot is made from genuine leather with a thick rubber sole. The shaft of this boot measures approximately 7 inches from the arch. It comes with Goodyear Welt Construction that offers great durability for industrial construction and/or concrete safety contractor. The boot has also been equipped with oil resistant rubber out sole with a removable comfort cushion insole. I must also mention that the leather is water repellent with a convenient speedy hooks and back loop for easy wearing.


Once you have purchased this boot, you will receive a 3 month manufacture warranty from the company. The warranty will cover expenses for any event such as the outsole of the boot falls apart after 3 months, the leather is ripped due to normal wear, or the upper and outsole have been separated. You can contact them through Amazon.


Here is a customer’s review about the boot after making the purchase:


“Wearing daily while I do a backyard makeover. These have held up great, fit well, and I really don’t have a complaint. For the price, these have been an exceptional value. I have had more expensive boots similar to these, and they wear just as well as these have. Sure, you can abuse them and they would probably fail, but for the average work around the house type of guy, these have been golden!” — Amazon Customer



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