Wolverine Men’s T-Bone Steel Toe Work Boots Review

Today we are going to do a review about Wolverine Men’s T-Bone Steel Toe Work Boots! A boot is an important companion for a welder. It may not seem as important as choosing the correct helmet, but it doesn’t mean that you should take it for granted. The boot is a vital part of a welder’s Personal Protective Equipment or your PPE. There are some insurance companies who deny a claim if your PPE is lacking, yes, even if it’s just the proper boot. Why is this so? Your feet may seem far from the welding “zone” but it doesn’t mean that your feet is super safe from possible risks both in safety and in health. Lots of things can happen in a welding site or a construction site, right? I am not asking for something bad to happen, but as a welder, it is a part of your responsibility to be prepared for what could happen. So the question we will answer here today is if Wolverine’s T-Bone Steel Toe Boot for Men is the perfect work boot for you!


Sadly this boot is not available at Amazon. I tried looking for it, but it’s just not there. Amazon is usually the best place to purchase or a go to place when it comes to online shopping, but yes sadly, the Wolverine T-Bone work boot couldn’t be found there. You can easily find other products that interest you at Amazon. It’s a very convenient website. You can browse, zoom in on pictures (just to get a closer look at the details of the product you are interested in), pay online, and have the product you ordered delivered to your home or work place. Sounds great right?


Now, let’s discuss this boot from Wolverine. The Wolverine brand has been around for almost 130 years already. The founder and president of the brand was G. A. Krause. He believed in the possibility of opportunity. It was only his dream of owning a shoe company. In the year 1883, he did it and started his company with only a handful of employees. Now, Wolverine has become a leader when it comes to premium work and casual footwear. It has become a global lifestyle that is being sold in more than a hundred countries around the world.


Wolverine’s T-Bone Work Boot looks like this:


The special thing about this boot is that it comes with a steel toe protection to keep your feet safe and unharmed if ever something heavy falls on top of it, and it is able to protect you from electric current. No need to fear stepping into a puddle with a live wire since the boot will protect you. The color of the boot in the picture is Russet. What do you think about the color?


The boot is available in sizes 7 to 13. The price of this boot is at 124.99 US DOLLARS! Usually, you will be able to select the size and the width that works for you. The boot has been made from full grain leather that won’t easily peel off or discolor. It comes with a removable full-cushion foot bed, and the steel toe protection managed to pass the ATSM F2413-05 standard. I must also mention that the outsole is polyurethane wedge. The shaft of this boot is approximately 6″.


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